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Electrical & Power Distribution

EWI's breadth of the product line is foundation for diversity into commercial, industrial, power sectors. The division covers products ranging from industrial lighting, L.V. wires, cables,Joints & accessories, panels, switchgear, test instruments to H. V. substation and transmission line products.

Instrumentation & Automation

This division caters to the requirement of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical Refinery, Power and Industria projects. A wide diversified product range from valves to stainless steel pipes, fittings, flanges etc.

Industrial & Oil Field

A leading edge division providing solutions for Refineries, Power Plants, Desalination and other Process industries. EWI offers complete range from basic product for flow, pressure, temperature, volume measurement to control & monitoring, DCS, MMI and other software automation packages.


Communication division caters to the requirement of power and telecom industries with product ranging from fibre optic cable, OPGW, splices, patch cords, panels, OTDR, fusion splicing machine, etc.