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Power Instruments –
Annunciators & Fault Recorders
Industrial UPS, Battery Charger / Monitoring
Wire Markers, Safety Signs, Pipe Marking,
Lock Out / Tag Out, Printers and Padlocks
Level Transmitter and Level Switches
Enterprise Risk Management
Instrumentation Fittings, Valves and Manifolds
Laboratory Information Management System
Pressure Safety Relief Valve
Filed Bus, Signal Conditioners and Temperature
Rock Mechanics, Pore Structure Inversion (PSI),
Fracture Workbench (FWB) and Data Miner
Multimeters, Insulation Testers
Waste Water Treatment, Water recycling and
Waste into Energy
P.D Flow Meters
Overhead / Transmission accessories
Process Simulation Software
Rupture Discs and Safety Products.
Check Valves
Terminal Lugs, Connectors & Crimping tools
Multifunction Portable Calibrators & Calibration
Test Bench
AC/DC Hipots, Insulation/Oil Tester, Cable Fault Locator, VLF Cable Testing, Tan Delta, Mega Ohmmeter